Health, Safety & Environment

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We have recently implemented a new site policy that, in addition to our Health & Safety policies, is aimed at increasing our operative’s awareness of the environmental impact our work has. Our management staff regularly brief our site operatives, by way of tool-box talks, of our obligations with regards to environmental impact and make them aware of our working requirements in line with our Environmental policy.

Site operatives are encouraged to carry out tiling work in an economic manner, reusing materials wherever possible and avoiding over-ordering of materials, reducing wastage wherever possible. Pallets are stored and in most cases returned to the respective suppliers at the completion of the project. Waste materials onsite are given due care and attention when sorted, according to their required disposal method. Non-site disposable waste is often collected by ourselves, brought to our premises and disposed of by the appropriate means.

To add incentive to our site staff and operatives we have recently started a monthly competition in which a prize of £50.00 is awarded to the operative(s) of a chosen site who display diligence and make extra effort to work in line with our Health & safety and Environmental Policies. So far the competition has been well received by both our site staff and main contractors.

Both management and site staff are encouraged to use local suppliers, where it is practical, when arranging material deliveries. In addition, staff visiting projects and sites are encouraged to travel via public transport wherever it can be best utilised. These efforts are aimed at reducing the overall carbon footprint or our work, which we will endeavour to continually improve upon.

We also encourage our office and administration staff to display an environmental awareness. Waste paper generated at both offices is actively recycled, and warehouse staff are required to sort materials brought back from site into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. We will continue to evaluate the impact our work has on the environment and aim to reduce it as best we can with new and innovative solutions.