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These materials have proved to be amongst the finest decorative materials since Roman and Greek times. Each provides the aesthetic qualities demanded by clients, architects and designers due to the variety of colour, vein and texture inherent in each product.

The product is available world wide, however quarries in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK are usually favoured for the home market. Visits to quarries are usually advised for high value and prestige projects to confirm the quality and consistency of the product.

The flexibility of each material is only limited by the imagination, and a wide range of applications are available for both internal and external use.

Each product can be used to form worktops, vanity units, stairs and steps, wall panels, architraves, cills, fire surrounds and even furniture. Modular tiles and fittings are also available for walls and floors, and should be considered for prestige applications. The low maintenance cost of each product further enhances the prestige, quality and durability inherent in the product.

A regular sweeping and washing of floors with clean water, and a wipe over with a wash leather for walls is generally satisfactory. Applied seals and specialist treatments applied at installation are often re-applied at regular intervals and special cleaning fluids and creams are also available for certain situations.

All products are natural materials and subject to variations in colour, marking and texture which should be considered when specifying, however many surface finishes are available individually or combined to each such as:

Polished -high gloss finish
Eggshell -dull polish
Honed -matt surface
Sawn -diamond or frame
Sand blasted -matt surface, smooth or rough
Flame Textured -rough finish by heat
Hammer Dressed -surface tooled pattern


The range of styles, sizes, colours and effects available for this product is only limited by the size of the designers imagination.

Ceramic, porcelain, conglomerate marble, and reconstituted stone products are manufactured world wide, from India, China, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and too the UK, and are constantly changing to reflect current fashions, tastes, and applications.

W.B.Simpson & Sons ceased to be a manufacturer many years ago, however strong links still exist with many manufacturers, agents and importers. We are always available to provide Designers, Clients, Architects and Contractors with advice on current applications, availability and alternatives.

Rover Products Pavigres Wich Novoceram
Daniel Platt Cinca Solus
Dennis of Ruabon Pilkingtons H & R Johnson
Swedecor Stargres
In addition, we can offer excellent advice on the use of other components used for tiling such as adhesives, grouts, trims and tanking systems via our partnerships with the various specialist manufacturers, such as:

BAL Products Adhesives, and grouts
Schluter Systems Trims and accessories
Ardex Adhesives, and grouts.


Marble mosaic was introduced into Britain by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago. Mosaics laid by them still survive in their original condition and beauty throughout the country. The craft has been handed down through the ages to today, and experts use both traditional and modern materials for reproducing the effect on both floors and walls. Many Architects and Designers exploit the advantages of mosaic in meeting the demands of modern buildings combining permanence with flexibility in design. Rich textures and an unlimited range of colours and designs are still available today with modern glass and ceramic mosaic, as well as traditional marble mosaic.